I was born in Lima - Peru, but I come from different places.

I'm made of different colors, shapes, and details. 

I grew up surprising my family. Hiding and jumping or with unexpected birthday parties for my dolls. I used to bake the cake and have them celebrate with me. 

Now I like to surprise clients with ideas that impact and connect to people. I'm always learning, absorbing, and working to grow.




NYX Marcom 2021 - Grand (x1) 

NYX Game Awards 2021- Silver (x1) 

Muse Awards 2021 - Gold (x1) 

Golden Award of Montreux 2021 - Finalist

Vega Awards 2020 - Canopus (x1) Arcturus (x1)

50th Creativity International Design & Advertising Awards - Bronze (x3)

Muse Awards 2020 - Gold (x1) 

Graphis Photography Annual Awards 2021 - Silver (x1)

Graphis Advertising Annual Awards 2021 - Gold (x1) Silver (x1)

Young Shits - The shortlisted shit

Creative Conscience Awards 2020 - Commended shortlisted (x1) shortlisted (x2)

Summit Creative Awards 2020 - Bronze 

Graphis New Talent Advertising Awards 2020 - honorable mention​​






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My name is like

a telenovela name:

Gabriela Del Rosario

Samamé Galdos.

By the time I was 11,

I had moved 13 times, including 3 different countries and the Peruvian Jungle.

I am a

humanitarian clown.

I started clown classes when I was 15 years old.

When I was 10

a llama bit me.

Yes, I still love them.

My family tells me that when I was 3 years old they took me to a casting call, and when the director asked me to do something I started to crawl and bark.

I made it into the

credits of a movie:

Av. Larco La Película.

Epic Fail: They

misspelled my name.